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It's July 2014. Ich bin wieder frei und kann tun und machen, was ich will. Friends will visit, it'll be amazing. Currently in the South of Germany, really want to go to Taiwan again.. Willst du mir schreiben? .. ->


I love my friends & I miss them, they are the best people in the world

So.. I am in the Sou

th of Germany, currently staying with my dad, working in his art Gallery. The weather is amazing. My dad actually has got an art Gallery too in Beijing, so I really hope to go to China soon and visit Taiwan again.

Living in the netherlands and doing different works hasnt left much space to make real Projects, but I draw all the time, write a lot.. New things will come, bigger things.

My wish is to travel again soon, move go to California in 2015, but come to Taiwan even before and maybe make an exhibition: I have some nice Ideas and I miss Oolong Tea, Soy Milk.. Stinky Tofu.. well you know.

I started another blog, its just one of many things, but you can look at it here, maybe you like it:

What else? .. Yesterday I talked to a really beautiful and intelligent Chinese girl or.. actually.. Chinese woman on the train. Her German was amazing, wow. It makes me want to learn Chinese.. Unfortunately we didnt have enought time to speak more..

It is so interesting to go through the travel of life and see which things and cultures influence one. Many people would think it is a contraddiction to have a lot of friends in California and be in love with the Chinese culture at the same time, but really: To me it isnt.

In 3 weeks one of my best friends from California is coming to visit and we will be travelling and do anything we want, I couldn’t be looking forward to life more. Make art, be creative, sleep under the stars.. just anything.

I hope you’re well.

20 People

So.. I just learned, that 20 people are following this blog, I am surprised. I have to admit that that creates some sort of obligation, a good sort of obligation. Some of you I know, others I don’t, hi Simon. Hi Lifan. I don’t need to mention you, Susan, hi everone else,.. Chris,.. more friends from Taiwan..

Let me tell you something about me, I don’t only do this. Besides I run at least one more blog, make it possibly 3. The one that really counts I don’t really share with many people because my writing on there can be quite dark, yes: It can be quite dark within me and sometimes I have the urge to just vent. That said, currently it’s not quite dark.

Also I’ve made a lot of music in my life, there is a soundcloud somewhere and I might have a blog with that and a facebook site. Also I just made a webpage for the music label I currently am working for. I have tons of notebooks full of writings, concepts, drawings, some of them are spread over different continents due my travels. I love speaking to people, helping them; few things I enjoy more than a good conversation. Which sort of goes hand in hand with my passion for travelling and cooking.

So as you see there is quite the accumulation of interests and activities within me, something I strive to unite with a certain, inherited moodiness, the need to make a living and personal & spiritual development.

German is my native language, but I prefer English. I love California and wanna live there some day. I miss Taiwan and hope to visit it soon. I have a problem with a lot of things which are happening on this planet. Ignorance and self-righteousness drive me fuckin crazy but I choose to accept and forgive, understanding that I have those treats within me as well.

I don’t know what my next steps will be, since currently I am busy, feeling stuck and devastated over living with a sick, unhappy cat who is not allowed to live the life which he is meant to live.. Here we go with the ignorance, again..

Sometimes I love humans, sometimes I hate them. I used to be wanting to be an animal but I overcame that. I like rain and sun, love Bob Marley’s quote “Some people feel the rain others just get wet”.

I’m a vegan, but I accept you if you are not. In fact I want you to do what makes you truly happy. Please. Whatever it is.

Sometimes judgement makes me physically sick.

I think we humans are not even close to living up to our capabilities.

I will end this post now.

And I will find a way to increase the quality of my creations, the structure of its output and I will make sure you can read about it here. Because it means something to me that you 20 people chose to follow me.


made in Ilan/Taiwan

made in Ilan/Taiwan

Just so I don’t do nothing on here

…Been travelling, back in Germany. Visiting friends, spending time with family.. and so on. Stuff. A lot of it, it’s good. Am gonna hopefully be able to retreat into creation again soon, but I feel I’m on the verge of it already. 

Loving the dog, there’s a dog around currently, gonna say good buy though tomorrow. Am appreciating dogs, loving them as much as they love me, but my travels in Australia as well as Taiwan have definitely taught me that I’m more of a cat person; just for the sake of a different kind of relationship.

Also it’s eshetics, a cat is just.. At least peaking in one quality of evolution. For instance determination, or maybe the flow of their movement.. It reminds me of yoga..

Well, well.. So long. Don’t wait, but be sure something’s gonna come.

Just made a night trip to buy some food which you can’t pronounce.. And I took the cam.. (Ilan, Taiwan)

Just took the bike for a little ride through Ilan and bought a couple of tasty pan cakes. The first picture is th front porch of where I currently live. The fruit store is just my regular fruit store and the little stand with the red scooter in front of it is where I bought the pan caks..

This is what I made between 6:11am and 7:12am. Piano-Dragon and Plant-Communication

Why am I so happy today? I don’t understand! And I’m saying this with a big smile. Is it because of this awesome song which I’ve discovered and been listening to, am listening to now? Is it because I’ve opened up for new ideas of being, not only in the mind but finally all over? Is it because I’m expressing myself through art, which helps me to support myself and which gives me the chance to express my emotions and what touches me? Is it because I’ve made such good friends with the beautiful, black cat I’ve been living with? I just picked him up for the first time and pet him while holding him on my arms. We came a long way from him running away from me to us being close friends and chilling together in my room, while I’m writing this.

All of this right now, what I’m feeling, builds such a strong and beautiful contrast to the crushing negativity which I know so well. I can’t remember the last time it took only a wonderful piece of music to make me this happy instantly, can’t remember the last time when I had some sort of blind trust in life and don’t know if ever before I was this close to believing that it’s actually possible to be content. Of course we are content as children, little, little children. When we’re not spoiled yet, when our minds are blank and not polluted by others, by the self hate of others, by the self hate of the world. But I’m not talking about the child mind, I’m talking about the knowledgable mind, the aware mind. The mind that has seen things, has been exposed. The mind which is not innocent any more, which had to and has do deal with everything. For that mind to reach contentment, real and honest contentment - it takes much. Of course it’s different for every mind but for mine it always seemed impossible, seems less impossible now. And less, and less…

The cat is gone now, he asked me to open the door. The track is over, it’s play time is 4 minutes and 51 seconds, but I’m not getting tired of repeating it. There is less external reason to be happy and also I am experienced enough to know that any sort of high will come to an end, maybe even bounce back into a low. But currently; currently the cat is gone, the music is off and I still feel the same way as when I started to write this..

Maybe soon my mind can start to believe in the possibility of balance as well.

A giant cat climbing “Taipei 101” - the most famous building in Taipei und once the highest building in the world. I made it because people in this country love cats so much. This cat is kind of the King Kong of Taiwan now :)I will make some post cards of this, I’m curious how people will react

A giant cat climbing “Taipei 101” - the most famous building in Taipei und once the highest building in the world. I made it because people in this country love cats so much. This cat is kind of the King Kong of Taiwan now :)

I will make some post cards of this, I’m curious how people will react

Picking Reality

I just lost something that I’ve worked on for a couple of hours, just because the program crashed. I could get mad and emotional over it, be frustrated and spoil my now - but I won’t. I could say how this stuff always happens and how I’m meant to be screwed by technical equipment but I choose to not manifest this reality. I will simply accept what is and enjoy this conscious moment in which I maintain the power of picking my state of mind - rather than my state of mind being picked by outer circumstances.

Ich hab grad was verloren an dem ich für zwei Stunden gearbeitet habe, weil das Programm abgestürzt ist. Ich könnte emotional werden und mich ärgern, frustiert sein und mir das Jetzt versauen - aber das wird nicht passieren. Ich könnte sagen, dass mir sowas dauernd passiert und dass es mein Schicksal ist von der Technik in den Wahnsinn getrieben zu werden - aber ich wähle, diese Realität nicht zu manifestieren. Ganz einfach werde ich akzeptieren was ist und diesen bewussten Moment genießen; diesen Moment, in dem ich mir die Macht erhalte, meinen Geisteszustand selbst zu bestimmen - anstatt äußeren Umständen zu erlauben dies für mich zu tun.

I’m currently living in Ilan, about 1 hour from Taipei. Here are some pictures

"Time flows like a river". A friend asked me to make a piece for her, she will leave Taiwan soon and go to the UK to study there

"Time flows like a river". A friend asked me to make a piece for her, she will leave Taiwan soon and go to the UK to study there